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Protecting Endangered & Threatened Birds

Resident and migratory birds use the Tijuana Estuary and the coastal bays to rest, feed, and raise their young.  In the spring, San Diego birds start to build their nests.  Did you know that many of the birds that nest within the Reserve nest on the ground?

Way You Can Help Protect San Diego’s Birds

  • Keep dogs on a leash and under control in designated areas.  In Border Field SP, dogs are only allowed at the top of Monument Mesa (on a leash).
  • Pick up after your pet.
  • Keep cats indoors.
  • Do not release any pets or wildlife on the Refuges or Reserve.
  • Become a Shorebird Steward!

With your continued help we can protect all native species.

Why Are Wetlands Important?

Wetlands are valuable for a variety of reasons.  Here are some analogies to help explain things better. 


They absorb water and provide flood control.


They are a resting place for migratory birds.


They mix oxygen and nutrients into the water.


They provide nutrient-rich food for people and wildlife.


They grab nitrogen from the air, the stuff life is made of!


They help clean the environment.


They are home to a diversity of wildlife.


They filter toxins and debris from water making it cleaner.


They are a nursery for fish and young wildlife (they provide shelter, protection, and food).

Besides all these important reasons, wetlands also provide recreational, educational, and research opportunities!


Find out more about estuaries and other wetlands.
Short film about Why TRNERR is so Important.


Ancient Life in San Diego

Artifacts found at Border Field State Park and the border region.

Abalone Pry


Fishing Weight


Abalone Tools


Abalone Shell


If you find an artifact, please leave it where you found it.  Think of it as a crime scene; if you remove an artifact you are taking away a piece of the puzzle.  More about this.

Learn more about local archaeology

California State Parks Archaeological Resources

San Diego Coast District Cultural Resources (CSP)

San Diego Archaeological Center



Marking the Border

After the  U.S. – Mexican War, how did the countries decide where to put the border?  Find out by reading the Marking the Border Article.