Facility Rental

We have two facility use areas in the vicinity of the visitor center that may be available for use by government agencies, non-government agencies, and by the public depending on the degree to which the event is consistent with the mission of the National Wildlife Refuge on which the facilities lie. See details.

Click on this link for a Special Event Permit form.

Training Center
Training Center

Capacity: 88 people

New room with sliding glass walls which lets you expand your meeting or party to the outside area. We have tables and chairs, and basic audio visual equipment for any meeting.






Outdoor Amphitheater

Capacity: 100 people

Great for parties and other gatherings. You are out in the fresh air, surrounded by the coastal sage scrub and estuary habitats. There are electrical outlets and minimal lighting.



Please review the following for other pertinent information:
TRNERR Public Use of Visitor Center Facilities
DPR264_Special Event Permit

Most of these facilities require a permit fee, facility use fee, and refundable insurance fee.

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