Erosion Control in Los Laureles Canyon

One of the main concerns in the Los Laureles Canyon and the reserve is the erosion in the canyon flowing to lower elevations, in which the reserve is located. This erosion and sediment build up will harm the growth of native species in the area and is a loss of precious rich soil which could be used in the canyon for agriculture. Primary solutions are implemented to prevent erosion at the start including the use of pervious pavers and the re-vegetation of hill sides. Pervious pavers are permeable concrete blocks that distribute rain water evenly on soil and channel remaining runoff water into storm drains to prevent soil runoff.

Another method to prevent erosion is planting native vegetation on hill sides to reduce erosion from the previously eroding bare slopes. The WC staff will coordinate a community-based effort for erosion prevention through coordinating with local residents and the city of Tijuana to establish a work plan for the installations. The vast majority of this project will be completed by community volunteers working in partnership with the WC staff. These erosion control methods as well as other sediment management tools will serve as a prototype for erosion prevention projects throughout the Tijuana River Watershed.  This project is funded by the not-for-profit organization, Earth Island Institute, and will build upon projects already established by the Reserve’s Coastal Training Program.