Preventing Sediment from Entering the Reserve

Erosion control methods will reduce the amount of soil runoff but will not completely eliminate erosion. As a final step before the sediment flow reaches the Reserve, sediment basins are installed to capture the soil. Regional landowning agencies on both sides of the border need to install and maintain sediment basins to minimize the sediment flow into the protected areas. Efforts will focus on planning for the installation of a series of sediment basins in key locations throughout the lower watershed, including: Smuggler’s Gulch, Yogurt Canyon, and other various locations in the City of Tijuana. These sediment loads flowing from the canyons of  Tijuana will be captured in the basins and will be effectively managed by the WC staff and regional agencies. The hurdles of this program lie in its funding and lack of agency coordination and planning for the sediment basin installations.


Sediment basin presentation (Spanish)