Secure Conservation Easements in Urban Canyons in Mexico

Pollutants carried by storm water from the canyon into the Reserve pose a threat to the protected area’s natural and native habitat. To prevent invasive species and damaging pollutants from coming into the Reserve, a buffer must be created between the two regions to limit the environmental consequences. A vegetative buffer would be created near the border in order to filter storm water and sediment before it crosses into the United States. The buffer would be built in the open spaces of Los Sauces, Los Laureles, and Matadero Canyons because of their ideal location between the countries. The City of Tijuana has never designated areas as buffers before, which makes this project a model for future conservation needs. The open space to be designated for vegetative buffers are not land acquisitions, and thus are owned by various owners both private and public. As a result, the owners of the property will continue to have responsibility of their individual properties and also collaborate with the WC Staff with long term care and maintenance of the buffers. By creating a vegetative buffer, it will reduce the environmental impact of pollution to the reserve and increase conservation.