Tire Reutilization Designs

A large number of waste tires make up a significant percentage of the trash flow from Tijuana to the United States. To reduce the number of waste tires, reusing the tires in various civil engineering projects reduce the number of tires washing down the canyon. In addition, reusing the tires in projects such as building retaining walls will also contribute to erosion control. Local workshops will be created and facilitated by the WC staff in order to train local residents, community leaders and organizations, and employees of the City of Tijuana to reuse tires in sustainable ways. These workshops will include hand-on-training for specific projects, such as building retaining walls, as well as educational information on the various ways to use waste tires. This project will partner with Mexico’s municipal, state, and federal government agencies, including local organizations that specialize in tire re-utilization activities. With this project, the WC Staff will expand this technology and knowledge of tire reuse to other regions of Tijuana.