Trash Consolidation and Tire Recycling

Large amounts of trash are carried from the Los Laureles Canyon into natural habitats during rain storms every year when the water flow mobilizes loose trash. Trash booms or other capture devices are created to prevent plastic waste from reaching natural habitat, where removal becomes more problematic and costly. The WC staff is developing strategies to consolidate and remove trash as it enters the Tijuana River Valley through the use of new and existing mechanisms. In addition, the WC staff is also promoting commercial tire recycling in the San Diego- Tijuana region, although it is uncertain at this time who will create the facility for recycling. In working closely with both the County of San Diego and the California Integrated Waste Management Board, the WC staff  is exploring a range of possibilities in creating the recycling facility including following up on progress already made by an entrepreneur who conducted preliminary investigations on the viability of establishing a movable recycling plant that could be used on both sides of the border. While progress has been made, the largest challenge in establishing the recycling  plant lies in its financial viability. The first step to the success of this project is monetary aid to further research and implementation.


Trash consolidation options presentation (Spanish)