The ResiDUOS Project

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Project overview

The ResiDUOS Project is a 5-pillar approach aimed at improving social-ecological resilience through marine debris prevention and removal in the U.S.-Mexico border region. This is a 2 year project funded through NOAA Marine Debris Program’s Grant through the United States Mexico Canada Agreement. The 5 pillars are:

  1. Scale up the circular economy for solid waste through reuse and income generation at pilot sites. 
  2. Establish and implement a cross-border Marine Debris Leadership Academy.
  3. Improve binational flood emergency response and resilience.
  4. Provide an exemplary model of land-based marine debris capture and characterization.
  5. Protect and enhance beach, dune, high-marsh, and riverine environments.

Research conducted

Different components of the ResiDUOS project are being implemented on both the U.S. and Mexico border region of the Tijuana River Watershed with partnerships spanning government, nonprofits, and academia. Components span from pilot projects, such as Pillar 1. all the way to yearly events, such as the Tijuana River Action Month associated with Pillar 5. We have also created branding for the project through the logo below as well as through our Instagram account @proyecto_residuos.



Outcomes & impact


Sponsors & supporters