Horseback Riding

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Horseback Riding at Border Field State Park

Border Field State Park offers numerous horseback riding trails that are enjoyed by local equestrians and riders throughout Southern California. During the summertime, this is the place to be. You can ride horses on the beach, enjoy the thrill of walking your horse into the Pacific Ocean, and escape the inland heat. Border Field State Park is one of the only places in California where equestrians can still ride horses along the beach. If you are lucky, you might even see a pod of dolphins frolicking just beyond the surf. In addition to the ocean, there are several canopied trails throughout the park filled with rich vegetation and colorful flowers. This park is a wonderful place to experience on horseback and should not be missed by anyone that is considering riding here.

The trails of Border Field State Park are mostly flat. There are many fire roads for easy riding and also some single track trails. Always remember to stay on the trails. A lot of the area is marsh land and very muddy. Even when the ground looks solid, it may not be. If you stay on the trails you will stay safe.

Trail and equestrian sign in the Tijuana Estuary

Equestrian Staging Areas

There are four (4) staging areas where you can park your rig, saddle up your horse, and ride. Please contact the Reserve for up to date information and status of the staging areas before making your visit to the park, (619) 575-3613.

Central Trail Staging Area

The main staging area is locate in the Tijuana River Valley Regional Park and is accessible from Hollister Street. When traveling south on Hollister take an immediate right turn just as you reach the south end of the first bridge (there are two bridges). When you turn, you will see the old county ranger station. There is a small brown sign that shows an arrow pointing to the right and indicating the way to the main staging area (it is past the Bird and Butterfly Garden). The distance is approximately ¼ mile from Hollister St. Drinking water is available, but bring buckets for your horses. There are two pipe corrals and several picnic tables for your use. This staging area is open all year, but there are no restroom facilities. There is also no overnight camping allowed. The ride to the beach from this staging area is approximately 1 – 1½ hours.

Entrance Gate / Monument Rd Staging Area

The second staging area is located just outside the entrance to Border Field State Park. It is accessible from Monument Road and there is plenty of room for parking trucks and trailers. There is drinking water available, but bring buckets for horses. There is a porta-potty at this location. This staging area is also open year round and is a good place to ride from.

Beach Staging Areas

The third and fourth staging areas are located inside of Border Field State Park and are only open during regular park hours. These two staging areas are the closest to the ocean, but are only opened seasonally and are closed during the winter.

Helpful tips for horseback riding at Border Field State Park

Bug Repellant
Bring fly spray for your horse and mosquito repellant for yourself. There are mosquitoes during the summer and the repellant will make your ride through the vegetation more comfortably. [This is only meant to be helpful and not to discourage you from coming here.]

Horse Rentals
Call the Visitor Center, 619-575-3613, for the latest information on horse rentals.

This is a protected area with sensitive species. There are a few rules you should follow to keep you and your horse safe, protect wildlife, and increase your chances of seeing wildlife.

We welcome you to come to Border Field State Park and enjoy riding your horse on the beach and through the wonderful trails the Park has to offer. Enjoy a day of fun at the ocean with your horse and become one of many who love the area and enjoy spending time in this exceptional place.

Before you visit, check the entrance gate status at Border Field State Park.