Shorebird Stewards

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Shorebird Stewards

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To help protect and preserve the habitat of the threatened Western snowy plover, endangered California least tern, and other nesting species by monitoring beach use, educating beach users about dune and beach wildlife and habitat, and interpreting beach rules for visitors.

Skills/ Qualifications:

Successful Shorebird Steward volunteers will be mature, dependable, courteous, and sensitive to the needs and attitudes of others. They must have good communication skills, good physical health, and a passion for protecting threatened and endangered species. Birding experience is helpful but not required. Shorebird Steward volunteers must be at least 18 years old.


  • Provide information about the nesting bird species and dune habitat to the public
  • Conduct brief visitor surveys.
  • Help beach users identify area birds with spotting scope and/or binoculars
  • Encourage questions and learning about conservation
  • Interpret beach rules in a way that encourages visitors to comply with those regulations voluntarily
  • Report beach rule violations to law enforcement
  • Record bird sightings on species list (optional)
Reports To:

Volunteer Coordinator and Stewardship Coordinator

Time & Locations:

Minimum 8 hours per month. Shorebird Steward volunteers will conduct public outreach on the beach during nesting season (mid-March through mid-September). Volunteers are stationed at the Tijuana Slough National Wildlife Refuge in Imperial Beach.


Shorebird Steward volunteers must participate in the TRNERR Information Ambassador Course and the Shorebird Steward training courses offered in the Spring. The course includes information on the natural history and nesting habitat of the nesting bird species, as well as training in public outreach and birding. Volunteers have the opportunity to participate in other volunteer training workshops at the Reserve as they are offered.


Learn about Western snowy plover, California least tern, and other bird habitat and nesting activity. Encourage the recovery of these species. Become acquainted with the dedicated Reserve staff and their programs. Enjoy the outdoors while volunteering. Join a team of volunteers dedicated to protecting endangered and threatened species.

To apply: Submit a Volunteer Application Form