Volunteer Training Modules

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Watch and complete the modules below.  When you have finished the module, you will receive a passcode.  Email this passcode to your advisor so that they know you have completed that step.  Be sure to record your passcodes on your Volunteer Training Requirements Checklist (also available in Microsoft Word here).

Required for ALL Long-term Volunteers:

  1. Sensitive Species (14:15) Note: This module includes a use of the term “illegal immigrant.” That is not the preferred language by the state of California and as referenced by the Governor’s office, the preferred term is “non-citizen” instead. While the modules remain full of valuable information, we are working towards revising them when staffing is able.
  2. History Chapter (read and ask your advisor for quiz)
  3. Tijuana River Watershed Video (35:00 - watch in Visitor Center)
  4. What is a Watershed? (01:00) - (please watch video and report to your advisor)
  5. What is an Estuary? (05:17) - (please watch video and report to your advisor)

Additional Documents:
Visitor Center Scavenger Hunt

Additional Training Requirements for Volunteer Positions:

  1. Archaeology (17:15)
  2. Coastal Training Program (06:30)
  3. Front Desk  (06:15)
  4. Injured and Orphaned Wildlife (05:00)
  5. National Wildlife Refuges (03:05)
    alternate link if above doesn't work
  6. Research and Monitoring (15:30)
  7. School Programs (13:45)
  8. Stewardship (13:25)